Citizens Serving the Homeless

PO Box 331,  Mount Holly, NJ 08060-0331

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This is our Mission

We are Citizens Serving the Homeless

As citizens concerned for the welfare of our fellowmen we have organized to address the plight of the homeless in Burlington County, NJ.  

Our goal is to develop and operate a multi-role facility that will aid the homeless by addressing their issues and problems of; obtaining a place to live, employment and occupational training, illness, drug abuse and mental well being.  These services will be provided in a safe, secure and nurturing environment founded upon our Judeo-Christian faith.


The homeless don’t just live in “tent cities”,  they are forced to find shelter where ever they can.  On the street, in a car or moving in with a friend or relative sleeping on a couch or the floor.

They live on the fringe of our society because we don’t want to see them.  Out of sight is out of mind.

They didn’t ask to lose their job, get sick or turn to drugs just to escape this cruel life. No one deserves to live like this.  We can do better for our brothers and sisters.  Help us help them regain their dignity.  You could have bad luck just like them anytime and this could be your your home.

Think about it!

They lost their job… got sick…

Their world crashed down around them